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Captivating Water Features

Elevate Your Pool Experience

At Coast to Coast Pools, our passion is to deliver amazing inground swimming pools as we are always happy to create a basic pool; we also love to create large and lavish ones. Size and scope are never an issue with us.

However, incorporating water features is the best way to take your pool to the next level and experience the wonderful benefits of water. They genuinely elevate pool experiences. Whether you dream of serene tranquility or vibrant energy, our diverse range of water features promises to transform your pool and achieve your desired result.

So, explore a few possibilities listed here and discover the perfect water feature enhancements perfectly suited for your desires, needs, personality, backyard decor and budget.

Unity in Vision = Magnificent in Results

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Tranquil Waterfalls

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of cascading water with a stunning waterfall feature. Create a serene atmosphere and turn your pool into a visual masterpiece that captivates both day and night.

Bubbling Fountains

Add a touch of elegance and playfulness with strategically placed bubbling fountains. These gentle water jets create a delightful ambiance and provide a refreshing and visually appealing focal point for your pool. They are perfect within the spa or on tanning ledges.

Fire and Water Combinations

Unleash the power of contrasts by combining fire and water features. Create a dramatic focal point with bowls that combine both fire and water into your pool design, adding a touch of warmth and visual intrigue.

Spa Spillways

A spa spillway in a pool is a stylish and functional design element that seamlessly connects a raised spa to the main pool area. Serving both aesthetic and practical purposes, the spa spillway features a cascading flow of water from the spa into the pool below.

This gentle overflow adds a visually appealing touch to the pool’s design and facilitates water circulation between the spa and the main pool.

Relaxing Spa Jets

Add a spa to your pool with therapeutic spa jets. Perfect for relaxation and hydrotherapy. These jets offer a soothing massage experience warms and  relaxes you after a long day.


Scuppers at a pool are architectural water features designed to provide aesthetic appeal and practical function. These decorative openings or channels are strategically integrated into the pool’s structure to allow water to spill or flow from one level to another.

Typically positioned along the pool’s edge or walls, scuppers create a visually stunning effect as water gracefully exits through them.

Spouting Statues

If you are choosing to position any type of statue, from figurines to animals or others, it can be plumbed to have a curving street of water flow directly into the pool.

Deck Jets

Graceful streams of water gracefully enhance the ambiance of the pool and patio, infusing it with beauty, sophistication, and a tranquil atmosphere. Originating from the pool deck or coping, these tube-shaped water currents delicately cascade onto the pool surface below.

LED Laminar Jets

Illuminate your pool with vibrant colors using LED laminar jets. These modern and energy-efficient features are sleeker than traditional deck jets, adding a smooth, exciting, and mesmerizing light show arching beautifully from the pool deck.


Cascade waterfall features, commonly seen as sheer descents, are popular decorative additions to modern pools.

There are two primary styles: the raindrop pattern and the more prevalent, which presents a seamless, even sheet. Positioned strategically within the pool, this smooth variety captures sunlight, creating an almost radiant and glossy appearance.

Rain Curtains

A rain curtain is a captivating water feature that mimics the visual effect of falling rain in a controlled and artistic manner. It consists of a series of thin, parallel streams of water cascading gracefully from an overhead structure.

A rain curtain brings a sense of elegance and relaxation as it visually recreates the calming experience of a gentle rain shower.


Coast to Coast Pools opens up a world of possibilities with “no limits.” Mix and match these ideas to craft a uniquely customized pool and spa that mirrors your personality, lifestyle, home architecture style, and budget, ensuring a truly one-of-a-kind creation.


The Perfect Water Feature Finale

Conclude your pool project with the exquisite water feature that resonates with your vision, turning your backyard into a paradise of relaxation and sophistication.