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Innovative Pool Remodeling

Dive In: Transformative Pool Renovations

Embarking on a pool remodeling journey opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to transform your backyard oasis into something extraordinary.

At Coast to Coast Pools, our award-winning pool designers uncover the artistry of pool remodeling with designs that captivate the eye. From custom shapes to mosaic tile patterns, aesthetics play a pivotal role in creating a pool that is as visually stunning as it is refreshing.

In addition, functionality must meet style. The fusion of form and function is vital. Carefully planned design elements, from built-in seating to underwater ledges, will enhance the pool’s visuals and functionality.

Let Coast to Coast Pools take your pool into the future with our cutting-edge designs, pool equipment, and technology. We will guide you through smart pool systems, automated features and connectivity options that will bring convenience and efficiency to your pool maintenance and enjoyment.

Shared Visions = Astonishing Outcomes

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Pool Remodeling = Concepts to Uncover

Contemporary Elegance

Discover sleek and sophisticated pool designs that bring a touch of modern luxury to your outdoor space. Explore minimalist aesthetics, clean lines, and chic water features that create a visually stunning ambiance.

Tropical Paradise

Bring the vacation vibes to your backyard by transforming your pool into a tropical paradise. Explore lush landscaping, vibrant colors, and exotic features that transport you to a resort-like atmosphere every time you step outside.

Water Features

Elevate the sensory experience of your pool with an array of water features. From cascading waterfalls to soothing fountains. Incorporate these elements and see how you can turn your pool into a dynamic and immersive backyard oasis.

Smart and Sustainable

Dive into the future with eco-friendly pool remodeling options. Explore energy-efficient technologies, sustainable materials, and smart pool systems that enhance your pool experience and contribute to a greener planet.

Nighttime Magic

Extend the enjoyment of your pool into the evening with captivating lighting designs. Explore the world of LED lights, underwater illuminations, and ambient lighting that transforms your pool area into a magical nighttime retreat.

Zen Retreat

Create a serene escape with a Zen-inspired pool remodel. Explore calming water features, meditation spaces, and minimalist design elements that turn your pool into a peaceful sanctuary.

Fitness and Wellness

Combine exercise with relaxation by incorporating wellness features into your pool remodel. Explore lap pools and pool and spa combos with hydrotherapy options. Incorporate fitness-focused designs that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Family-Friendly Fun

Make your pool a hub for family fun with creative and kid-friendly remodeling ideas. From water slides and splash pads to tanning ledges, discover ways to create a safe and entertaining space for the whole family to enjoy.

Materials Matter

Every day, new material merges, therefore imploring options beyond the traditional. From natural stones, porcelain tiles, pavers, and more, discover how your choice of materials can impact your pool’s aesthetics, durability, and sustainability.


With Coast to Coast Pools, the possibilities are endless. You can combine and customize these concepts to craft a unique custom pool and spa that mirrors your individuality, suits your lifestyle, complements your home’s architectural style, and fits your budget.

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Let’s partner and embark on the pool remodeling journey together. Whether you’re seeking aesthetics, functionality, or a perfect blend of both, a world of inspiration is waiting for you to create the pool of your dreams.