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Ground Breaking New Pool Construction

Unvailing Paradise: Innovative Custom Pools and Spas

Indulge in opulence and leisure with Coast to Coast custom pools and spas. Elevate your outdoor living experience as we craft backyard sanctuaries customized to your dreams and desires. Our skilled pool designers creatively bring your vision to life, ensuring each detail reflects your style, personality, lifestyle and budget.

We thoughtfully curate every element, from innovative water features to personalized lighting, to create a stunning and functional oasis in your backyard.

Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and sophistication, where our custom pools and spas redefine the boundaries of relaxation and aesthetics. Dive into unparalleled craftsmanship, where each design shows our commitment to creating pools and personalized inground swimming pool masterpieces.

Collaborative Visions = Breathtaking Results

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New Pool Construction = Ideas to Explore

Infinity Edge and Reflective Surfaces

Create a seamless blend between your pool and the surrounding environment with an infinity-edge design and reflective surfaces to enhance the visual appeal.

Smart Pool Technology

Integrate the latest smart technology for effortless control of water features, lighting, and temperature, providing a genuinely futuristic and convenient experience.

Underwater Seating and Lounging

Incorporate built-in underwater seating and lounging platforms for a unique and comfortable space within the pool, perfect for relaxation and socializing.

Customized Lighting Schemes

Illuminate your pool with customizable LED lighting schemes, allowing you to set the mood and create a captivating ambiance for any occasion.

Natural Rock Formations and Waterfalls

Embrace nature by incorporating natural rock formations and cascading waterfalls, adding serenity and authenticity to your poolscape.

Fire Features

Combine the soothing element of water with the warmth of fire by integrating fire bowls or fire pits into your pool design, creating a mesmerizing juxtaposition. Water bowls with fire have become a hot trend.

Interactive Water Jets and Fountains

Enhance the playful aspect of your pool with strategically placed water jets and fountains that provide both visual interest and entertainment for swimmers.

Custom Mosaic or Tile Designs

Infuse personality into your pool with custom mosaic or tile designs, creating intricate patterns, images, or even a personalized monogram at the pool’s bottom.

Swim-Up Bars and Outdoor Kitchens

Take the new pool construction and outdoor entertaining to the next level by incorporating a swim-up bar or an outdoor kitchen, blending culinary delights with aquatic enjoyment.

Heated Features for Year-Round Enjoyment

Extend the usability of your pool by integrating electric or gas heaters and a heated spa, ensuring year-round comfort and pleasure.

Environmental Considerations

Opt for eco-friendly heating systems, energy-efficient pumps, and saltwater sanitization to create an environmentally conscious pool.


With Coast to Coast Pools, there are “no limits.” regarding new pool construction. These ideas can be mixed and matched to create a truly one-of-a-kind custom pool and spa that reflects your personality, lifestyle, home architecture style, & budget.


New Pool Construction Specialists

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