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A pool is a significant asset to the value of your residential or commercial property, and constructing one involves a complex, 23-phase process.

FAQ's: Why Choose Us !

At Coast to Coast Pools, we prioritize our customers and the creation of top-notch pools. Our commitment is to ensure a stress-free building experience, aiming to turn your dream pool into a reality that will provide years of enjoyment.

Pool only:

  • Reset the pump or filter pump breaker.
  • Set the proper time in Intermatic timer.
  • Turn on the orange/red switch below timer.

Pool & Spa:
Reset pool pump or filter pump breaker only.

Pool low on water:
The water level should be halfway into the skimmer opening at the waterline tile. If it’s low, fill to that level.

Wier door stuck:
The lap inside of the skimmer could be preventing water from entering. Wiggle the flap to free it so it floats.

Weak flowing waterfall:
The filter could be dirty or need replaced. Have your pool technician check on their next visit.

If your smartphone control is not working:
Check “PWR” light on tan wireless link box.

  • If it’s flashing, remove black power cable and re-plug in after 5 seconds.
  • If it’s solid, check 2 small pinhole lights on the white protocol adapter (located next to cat 5 cable). One should be solid green, and one should be flashing amber/orange. If no lights are present, there is no internet connection.
  • If all lights are correct there is most likely an issue with your internet service provider. The error that you will see is the connection pausing and saying “connecting to gateway” and will say “error connection failed.” Please contact your internet service provider for assistance.

If the water level is touching tile below the curved coping brick, then everything is okay! If you feel you need it lowered, there is a manual drain at the pump for you to manually lower the water.

If there is a heavy rain and you are concerned that your pool overflowing will damage your home, it will not. The deck is designed to drain into the deco drains and out into the yard. With heavy rain flow, it will take some time for your overflow to catch up, but the water will still flow to the drains on the deck. The deck is also pitched to prevent water from flooding into the home.

Under 2” in one week is normal for a pool to lose just through evaporation. If you are heating or excessively splashing you can lose even more on average.

You may also perform a bucket test in which you fill a bucket and leave it on a step or a sun shelf. Then mark the inside of the bucket as well as the outside. They should both evaporate at the same rate. If one is noticeably different, then there could be a leak and leak detection services will be needed.